Our course offering covers classes for all experience levels. With us you can train both in the springtime and in the fall.

Welcome to our classes!

Would you like to join us? Our club offers classes both for advanced members and newcomers. Our training calendar also covers classes for all ages, including children’s own wushu practice and senior taiji. We are usually training indoors at our own gym, but in the summertime we sometimes have our classes outdoors.


In the beginning of the fall 2020 we will return to our usual training schedules. Starting from mid-August, we will be training again around the week.

Beginners' courses

We usually start new beginners’ courses three times a year, twice in the spring and once in the fall. The next courses will begin in January 2021.

Our gym

Our club has a gym at the Cable Factory in western Helsinki. The gym is equipped with mirrors, a stretching bar, thick training carpets and video and sound systems.

Training fees


Our next beginners' courses will start in January 2022