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Taiji, wushu kungfu and health qigong classes in Helsinki

Summer training from 10.7.–10.8.

Great way to keep yourself active and healthy also during summer

Spring 2024 beginners' courses are starting!

Come to try for free and start a healthy lifestyle with an interesting new hobby!

First course starts on Monday 15.1. and the rest will during the same week.


In our club you can practice Chinese wushu sports – wushu kungfu, taiji and health qigong.


We are training around the year at our own gym, located at The Cable Factory in Helsinki.

The club

We have been training under the quidance of our master Zhang Fang since 1991.

Join our beginners' classes

Learn the basics and get to know the wushu sports. Our beginners’ courses allow you to try taiji, wushu kungfu and health qigong in the springtime and in the fall.

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