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Changes in beginners’ course schedules

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Shifu Zhang Fang ohjaa taiji-tuntia

Some of our new beginner’s courses have now started or will be starting very soon. These classes include our taiji, wushu kungfu, and Taiji Yang Shen Zhang qigong courses that will begin as planned.

The rest of our beginner’s courses will be postponed, and they will start in the beginning of February:

  • Children’s wushu kungfu classes are held on Saturdays between 6.2.-29.5.2021. The course price will also get lower, the new price is 280€.
  • Senior taiji beginners’ course will be organised between 2.2.-6.4.2021.
  • Ba Duan Jin qigong course will be organised between 3.2.-7.4.2021.

There’s still some room in all of our beginners’ courses, so if you’re interested, sign up now. And in case you won’t be able to join the very first classes, don’t worry. You can join the courses a bit later as well, just contact us and let’s sort things out.

To make sure everyone has enough space, we have limited the number of participants for these early-spring beginners’ courses. Our training does not include any combat style contact with other members, so it is actually completely normal for us to keep a bit of distance from one another. We also take good care of hand hygiene and only take part in training when we’re healthy to ensure safe classes for us all.

Welcome to our courses!