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Wushu kungfu

Wushu kungfu consists of diverse and challenging combat techniques.

Strength, speed and skill

Wushu kungfu is a traditional Chinese discipline that consists of stunning, even acrobatic combat techniques, such as kicks, punches and jumps. Wushu styles cover a great variety of boxing routines as well as many forms that are practiced with weapons. In the Western world wushu is better known as kungfu, which is actually not the name of any sport. In Chinese kungfu refers to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete. Learning martial arts usually takes quite a bit of time, which might be why the westerners have thought that the word means the actual combat skills.

The wushu styles in our club



Changquan is a common name for several similar wushu disciplines. The style is famous for grand and broad stances as well as quick and powerful movements.

Changquan routines include both fast and slow movements and a variety of high jumps that require flexibility, speed and precise use of power. Regular Changquan training develops these qualities efficiently and the discipline is therefore best suited for young people.

Certain Changquan styles go by the slogan “the best defense is a strong attack”. When performing these styles, the practitioner starts such an aggressive, preventive strike that the opponent won’t be able to attack. Certain other styles put more emphasis on the defense. Some of the more advanced Changquan techniques include ‘qin na’ joint locking techniques and ‘shuai jiao’ throws and takedowns. Changquan is also practiced with spears, swords, broadswords and staffs.

Changquan styles are considered to cover an equal amount of hand and foot techniques, but they are especially known for acrobatic kicks. In show events Changquan techniques look very impressive due to the acrobatic movements, rotations and jumps. Modern Changquan movements require great flexibility and athletic properties.



Nanquan covers all the wushu styles that were born south from the Yangtze river. The style is known for low stances and diverse punching techinques.

Powerful stances, quick footworks and hips as the power source are all essential characteristics of Nanquan. The style is also known for sharp shouts that balance the punching power. Nanquan has actually had an influence on some Japanese martial arts with a similar ‘kiai’ shout.

Traditionally Nanquan has included fewer kicks and acrobatic jump kicks than the ‘northern style’, Changquan. The modern style does however cover some jump kicks and flips for some added wow factor. Nanquan is also practiced with weapons, including techniques like ‘the south style broadsword’, Nandao, and ‘the south style staff’, Nangun. These styles are also known for the use of hips, quick footworks and powerful punching techniques.

Helsingin Wushu järjestää lapsille omia wushu-tunteja

Children's wushu kungfu

Helsingin Wushu organises wushu kungfu classes also for the youngest members of the family. On our children’s courses we practice for instance some of the 1st duan Changquan movements. The classes are held on Saturdays at our own gym.

Try wushu kungfu in our beginners' classes!

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