The spring season starts 25.1. for adults

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Our spring season’s starting date for adults has been postponed by two weeks. Due to the latest local corona restrictions, our adults’ classes have been cancelled until Monday 24.1.2022. The restrictions do not however apply to children’s training, so we will therefore start our children’s wushu classes already on Saturday 15.1.2022 at 1pm.

The adults’ classes will initially start on Tuesday 25.1.2022 according to our pre-planned schedule. We are still planning on the new starting dates for our beginners’ courses, these dates we will publish next week. The weekly schedules and content of the courses will remain the same, only the starting and ending dates will be updated.

Small changes to the usual schedule 

This spring there are some changes to the usual taiji and qigong class schedule. The wushu kungfu classes will still remain pretty much the same as before. This season we will only organise qigong classes for beginners. On this course we will teach the Ma Wang Dui routine on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7-8pm.

On taiji classes we will practise the usual Yang 24 as well as 42 quan and jian routines, among others. Instead of the earlier two weekly classes, our new taiji beginners’ course however includes three classes a week. This gives you the opportunity to practise the basics of Yang 24 also on Mondays at 6-7pm. Our advanced students have dedicated classes on Tuesdays at 7-9pm and on Sundays at 5-6pm.

As a novelty to our taiji class offering, this spring we will start teaching the 32 sword routine. We will practise this routine twice a week, on Thursdays at 8-9pm and on Sundays at 4-5pm. We will start from the very beginning, so any intermediate or advanced level student can join these classes.

The more detailed weekly training schedule can be found from our Training timetable page.

We keep on focusing on safe training

As the spring training season starts, we will again take care of good hand hygiene and keep safe distances in our classes. We will also ventilate the room and leave some time between the classes to avoid big crowds. Please join our classes only when you’re feeling fully healthy! There’s still also a face mask recommendation at the Cable Factory.¬†

We will keep on following the possible new restrictions and give updates on our website and social media channels if these will affect our training. We hope to see you soon again at our gym!