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Spring season starts 11.1.2021

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Our extra long winter holiday will still continue for a while longer, but the new season is here very soon. Helsingin Wushu’s spring training will begin 11.1.2021 and we will also start our new beginner’s courses in January during the weeks 2. and 3. 

The spring training timetable will be almost the same as in the fall 2020, but we might make some small updates to the classes in the beginning of the new season. These possible changes will be updated to the training timetable right after they have been confirmed.

Our beginner’s course offering will also be pretty much the same as before – we will again be teaching the basics of taiji, health qigong and wushu kungfu. There is however one update to our health qigong beginner’s courses, as in our Monday classes we will start teaching the ‘taiji stick’ routine, Taiji Yang Shen Zhang.

We will also continue to follow the recommendarions and updates regarding the Covid-19 situation. In our classes we will keep safe distances from one another and practice good hand hygiene. Let’s also continue keeping our training safe by participating only when we are healthy.

See you again soon, meanwhile we wish you all a happy new year 2021!